Community involvement is the positive influence that helps bring change to the community. That is the main goal of Passov Group’s involvement in our community. There are an abundance of benefits of corporate community involvement, providing positive returns to charities and increase in employee/community engagement.

The company community involvement programs that our team participates in provide our company with a stronger core value and promote networking within our neighborhoods. We are always looking for innovative ideas to help build what is lacking in our community, when we find that gap we are there to help build that bridge.


Fill the Space

Is there something that you would like to see in your community? There is now a way to get the word out there. #FillTheSpace is a social media marketing campaign that will get the word out to tenants and our company to help get the retail tenants you want in your community. All you need is to do is jump on social media and use your three “C’s” to get the chatter going:

#[Community] - Tag your community so we know where the need is required.
#[Company] - Tag your company you want to see join your community
#[Connector] - Lastly, tag us: #PREG, so we can hear you and follow up effectively to your request

We want to help you fill the space in your community with what you want you want!

Non-Profit: Just Because

Random Acts of Kindness, on a basis of need.

Just Because-The Foundation, is a non-profit whose sole mission is to select a cause that incorporates random acts of kindness, on a basis of need. We believe in giving just because you want to give, not from obligation, or expectation. We ensure that the donations we receive are used for the direct benefit of those in need.

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