Experience. Expertise. Execution.

Passov Group is a full-service commercial real estate brokerage company based in Ohio.

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The Passov Difference

Bespoke by design

We value our relationships with our clients over everything. Bespoke by design, to us, means providing a tailor made service to our clients, never losing focus of our core values, and being disciplined in our approach by only taking on projects that will result in a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

Vertical and horizontal collaboration

Every assignment is executed with a “full team” approach. Each client will have a specifically tailored team of agents that are experts in delivering value to your project at hand. We collaborate internally across our offices to establish an agent base that is best suited and most equipped for your asset. Collaboration continues with our marketing and administrative support teams, to bring the full suite of Passov Group’s resources to your project. 

Data Driven Approach

Each client is uniquely serviced with real time data and in-depth analysis of their project. Fluid reporting provides the ability to track progress, timetables, prospects, leads and much more at any time and on any device with internet connectivity. 

Over 100 years of combined experience

Led by Steve Passov (30 years) andDavid Stein (50 years), our team brings over 100 years in combined brokerage experience to every client we service. 

our vision

We strive to do meaningful commerce work for our clients.

We’re helping create a relevant and secure future for our communities by bringing buyers, landlords, and tenants together to help mold adaptable community commerce in our constantly evolving world.


We bring value to each client with our all-in approach

Our elite team of real estate experts use the best real-time market knowledge and techniques to cultivate a dynamic community while keeping the best interest of our buyers, landlords, and tenants in mind to produce win-win results for all our clients.

Our Values

Integrity is of utmost importance.

We value honesty above all else. Whether it’s with our clients, team members, or partners, we know that transparency is what keeps us strong and the leading experts in the field.

We are all in this together.

We value collective collaboration, where everyone looks after the best interest of our clients and team members. We’re all partners in this together.

We value community.

Our company will never be singular. We will always stay plural by staying involved, internally and externally, so we can continue lifting up our community time and time again.

Forward-thinking mentality.

Solution-based thinking keeps our company adaptable and our community relevant. We constantly provide real-time reactions to adapt to our world’s latest environment.

Communication is the foundation in every setting.

Whether it's internally or externally, we understand that effective, transparent communication is the best way to serve our clients, team and communities.