Valvoline 15 YR NNN Ground Lease

About the Investment

While working through a sale for anAbsolute NNN Ground Lease involving Valvoline, our team represented the Seller and was able to secure a full price offer from a buyer that closed on the transaction in a total of 12 days from execution of the PSA.     


  • Cross easement for water and sewer in place with adjoining parcel that was not being sold as a part of the deal.
  • Changing macroeconomic conditions effecting cap rates 
  • Location being serviced via city owned curb cut that split off to our deal and a Firestone Tire shop.


  • Remediating concerns to potential buyers by acquiring written letters from Tenant and outside owner expressing zero potential for exercising the use of the easement. 
  • Locating 1031 buyers that are paying all cash and are therefore not as likely to consider rising cost of capital. 
  • Showing traffic studies forFirestone via Placer AI and mitigating concerns of congestion for entry into the Valvoline shop.