The Heritage

About the project

Mixed-use retail and multi-family property located in the heart of Grandview Heights. The property had 10,000 SF of retail and 599 multi-family units above and beside the retail component. 

Our Challenges

  • Location was buried within the apartment community, causing lack of visibility for retailers and effectively 0 street traffic.
  • Poor condition of the interior retail bays.
  • Surplus of Class A market rate retail properties in the trade area.

Our Solutions

  • We targeted users that would act as an amenity to the multi-family tenants and attract sales volume to the retail bays.
  • Had in depth conversations with ownership about bringing the spaces to “vanilla shell” condition to allow for higher feasibility of leasing the spaces—which they did. 
  • Pricing at below market rate at rents to help attract users that were incentivized by a lower cost basis.