Chief Operating Officer

Julie Klag

Julie is an accomplished and detail-oriented Chief Operating Officer with a relentless commitment to excellence. With over a decade and a half of leadership experience, she has honed the skills necessary to guide, motivate, and inspire her teams to peak performance. She is adept to fostering a collaborative work culture, nurturing talent, and cultivating cross-functional teamwork to achieve collective goals. Julie’s passion for achieving exceptional outcomes has uniquely positioned her to make a lasting impact on the success of many organizations.


Julie is a trailblazing force who has ascended the ranks of commercial real estate though unwavering dedication. With a track record that speaks volumes, her transformative journey includes collaborations with industry giants and a remarkable feat of personally overseeing over 20 million square feet of prime real estate across the nation. A hallmark of Julie’s career has been her ability to cultivate and maintain strong relationships with both Owners and Tenants. She consistently engages, understands need, and promptly responds which has helped her to continually foster an environment of trust and satisfaction. By taking on a very hands-on and proactive approach, Julie successfully translates ownership objectives into actionable strategies that drive positive outcomes.


At the heart of Julie’s world are two bright stars, her daughters. As a dedicated parent, she embraces the joys of raising them with a blend of love, patience, and wisdom. In her spare time, Julie’s compassion extends beyond family, as she is driven by a deep-rooted desire to help others. And, when she has a little extra time, she is a huge fan of live music and the beach.